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Our J1 Student Program

Our J1 Student Program

Marcus Hotels & Resorts offers an exceptional J1 program that provides a unique and enriching experience. As a J1 participant at Marcus Hotels & Resorts, you can expect to be part of a renowned hospitality brand that values cultural exchange and personal growth. The program offers opportunities to work in various departments, allowing you to develop your skills and gain valuable industry experience. With a supportive and inclusive work environment, you will have the chance to collaborate with a diverse team of professionals, creating lasting connections and unforgettable memories. Marcus Hotels & Resorts' J1 program is designed to provide a well-rounded experience, combining work, cultural immersion, and opportunities for personal and professional development.

J1 Testimonials


I am very grateful to Grand Geneva, I think it is a good place for J1's. I have been there the last two winters and I am very satisfied with my experience, it is 100% the experience that every exchange student should live. The first time I went I realized what good people there are as co-workers, supervisors, managers, and above all the help that human resources gives you, like taking you to your appointment with the bank and for your SSN. I also liked the benefits they offer us as J1s, the spa, the water park and the ski mountain. At Grand Geneva I formed bonds with people of different nationalities that I will never forget. I chose to go to Grand Geneva for the second time because I wanted to have a good experience again as a J1 and also to reconnect with old friends. Lake Geneva and all the people I met there have a place in my heart. Thank you for everything.


The experience living in Grand Geneva was incredible, the first time we arrived there, we received a very friendly treatment and the people we met there were incredible. For the following year I returned, because the experience had been wonderful, I rencontre with some friends and co-workers that I liked to see and I also met many new people, in these two seasons I have learned a lot about their culture, their language, their people and it is the most important thing that I take home. Total thanks.